Representatives of people awaiting access to biological (anti-TNF) treatments met Edwin Poots MLA, Northern Ireland Minister for Health, on August 21. LTCANI member group Arthritis Care took part in the meeting, along with representatives of people with psoriasis and Crohn’s disease, who can also benefit from these powerful treatments.

Speaking after the meeting Steve McBride, Arthritic Care Policy Adviser and LTCANI Vice Chair, said ‘The Minister – and Assembly Health Committee Vice Chair Jim Wells, who led the delegation – fully recognise the benefits of these treatments. There has been a very real improvement in access for people with RA over the last year, as a result of our previous lobbying and the Minister’s positive response. What we want to see now is the necessary funding put in place and made permanent. People who need these treatments, across a range of conditions, should access to them as quickly as possible and in line with best practice in the rest of the UK’.